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Warning: a before and after patient surgery result is….

  • 24 August, 2016

This is a real example of the importance of not believing false expectations or being amuse with ¨Before & After¨ patient surgery results shown by a surgeon or Clinic.
Unfortunately this is not the first time we identify other Clinics & Surgeons showing pictures of our patient’s results and claiming them as if they were a result and experience of their own work. Nevertheless, this is not a guarantee to identify quality nor experience of a certified specialist.



” Nowadays a ´Before & after ´ surgery result should not be considered guarantee for the quality or experience of a surgeon or clinic “

We decided to inform our patients and followers of this case, as a reminder of the vital points to analyze when choosing a good Cosmetic Surgeon, with the purpose of achieving a great result without putting your life at risk.
Basic information you should consider during your Surgeon selection:
– Surgeon’s Specialty and current Certifications
– If he has previous patients, interact and ask for their experience before and after the procedure.
– Surgeon´s experience in the procedures of your interest, ask for number of actual cases along with before and
after pictures.
– Certified facilities: if it has a clinic permit, infrastructure according to the specialized safety needs: surgery
rooms, recovery rooms, medical staff, etc.
– If they have an anesthesiologist in staff and if patients undergo pre-op lab analysis.
– Who will the follow up process be? Post-op indications, follow up appointments, medical release from staff or

” All that glitters is not gold “

A surgeon that tries to amuse you with extraordinary results or promises a top model result, BEWARE! He is not the right surgeon. An ethical and experience surgeon will talk to you formally, explaining cosmetic and functional aspects of the procedure of your interest, looking out for your integrity and wellbeing in order to successfully achieve a harmonic and natural result.
Remember that your health and safety are the most important, and unfortunately there are bad intentioned clinics/surgeons that look only for economic profits leaving behind ethics, moral and the patient’s safety.

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