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Gastric Sleeve Procedure

Gastric Sleeve Procedure

  • 13 January, 2016

Quickest way to get shape  with the Gastric Sleeve

 Do you want to get shape, but are too busy to drop that fat down with exercise, or otherwise, too lazy to go out and hit the gym? Don’t worry, with the help of the revolutionary gastric sleeve, you won’t need physical activity for cutting down on your weight! Too good to be true? Continue reading to find out why it is the best weight loss option for you!

What is the Gastric Sleeve Procedure?

The gastric sleeve surgery, medically known as sleeve gastrectomy is a surgical weight loss procedure that involves reducing the size of your stomach by about 25% of its original, and only a “tube” or “sleeve” shaped stomach is left behind. This results in reduced capacity of the stomach to hold food, and as a result, your stomach will feel “full” even after you eat very less food. Since now your smaller stomach reduces your consumption and food intake, you can easily and quickly reduce you weight, without even exercising! It’s as simple as this!

How is the Surgery Performed?

There are two approaches to performing the gastric sleeve surgery. The first, and the more primitive one is the open approach, where an incision is made into the abdomen to gain access to the stomach. This procedure not only results in significant morbidity, but also leaves a large scar on the body. In contrast, the Laparoscopic approach involves making very tiny holes in the abdomen. This procedure not only produces better results, but also produces minimal scarring and morbidity, and therefore favored by most surgeons.

During the surgery, about 80% of the stomach is removed, leaving only a long, banana shaped stomach which can hold only small amounts of food. After the procedure, you will feel “full”, even after consuming very little food! This is the first step towards your weight loss and good looks!

The Benefits of Gastric Sleeve Procedure

There are multiple benefits of undergoing the gastric sleeve surgery:

  • Quick Results – while you may have to wait for many months to see the results of your exercise and physical activity, you will get the quickest possible weight loss with the help of your reduced stomach.
  • The most obvious One, Weight Loss and Your Good Looks! – Who doesn’t want to look beautiful and attractive? If your obesity is coming in the way of your good looks, then you should definitely go for the gastric sleeve procedure.
  • Feel More Active – say goodbye to the laziness and lethargy that you felt all the day long! While it happens mostly due to ingestion or over-eating, but now with the help of your smaller stomach, you will eat less, and therefore “feel” more active and energetic throughout the day.
  • Get Rid of Diabetes – research has shown the diabetic patients experience around 80% recovery in their diabetic condition.
  • Reduce Cholesterol Without Exercise – finding it hard to get rid of the cholesterol with exercise? After the gastric sleeve surgery, you will experience around 80-85% reduction in your blood cholesterol levels! Say hello to the healthy lifestyle!
  • No More Blood Pressure Medications – since blood pressure is more common in obese people, when you will lose weight with your gastric sleeve procedure, you will require lesser medications for controlling your blood pressure.
  • No More Bone Fractures – obese people are at a greater risk of fracturing their bones, even with minimal activity. Reducing your weight with the help of your gastric sleeve will prevent more fractures in future!

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