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My thoughts: My Paris experience - US | Clinica de Cirugía Cosmética

My thoughts: My Paris experience

  • 25 April, 2014

“Medicine is a discipline where it is imperative to continue learning and researching”

One of the most significant aspects of the medical profession is constituted by the constant need of research and training for the growth and evolution of medicine.

Medicine is a discipline where it is imperative to continue learning and researching, especially when the motivation is being able to offer the best result for our patients. That is why this pasted September 2014, I had the fortune to be in the Expert 2 Expert training held in the cities of Paris and Cannes in France. During my stay in the city of Paris, the focus was completely in an anatomic study of the muscular structures and specifically of the fascia of the face to improve the techniques of my facial surgeries. This one day training was held in the faculty of medicine the Descartes Paris University located in the Paris County accompanied by a great Anatomist and Plastic Surgeon Gisella Criollo Lamilla, MD.

After concluding the training, another one of my objectives was to attend the Face 2 Face congress, which took me to fly to the city of Cannes, France; this congress had as a main focus the facial embellishment specialized through facial fillers that have more demand right now in Europe, most of the attendees where from European countries.

In summary, this visit allowed me to reaffirm the anatomical knowledge acquired based on my personal experience and practice, since many of these teachings are not commonly explained on books; I personally consider the human body to be the best book, “the one that teaches us the most”

I perfected the technique on how to perform each surgical procedure without damaging important structures, as well as reaffirming what we do every day at Clínica de Cirugía Cosmética, “use the patient’s own fat, is the best  filler to restore and give volume to different body and facial areas

Thanks to the shared experiences with colleagues and speakers during my trip, I reassured that the knowledge and techniques now a days are global. Thanks to the technology we have been able to share that knowledge in cosmetic procedures and the best techniques that are performed on each of the European countries. As always it was a very pleasant experience being able to attend, but specially to “learn”. Next year I will be participating not just as an attendant, but also as a speaker with a few lectures; sharing my knowledge, experience, success cases and ideas about facial cosmetic surgery, I will see you at Cannes 2015!

“There is nothing wrong in not knowing, as long as this motivates you to do more research, want to improve, to learn more; with the sole purpose of wanting to offer the best result and satisfaction to each one of our patients”. 

Dr. José Luis Salas Martínez, M.D

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