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If you are sure you do not want more children, the vasectomy procedure is a surgical male sterilization method that can be the right contraceptive for you and your partner.


With the vasectomy procedure, the duct where sperm travel from the testicles to the penis is blocked in each side. This interruption in the sperm supply avoids sperm to join the rest of the seminal fluid, which is produced mainly by the prostate gland.


Some local anesthesia will be applied, and when this takes effect, a small incision in the upper part of the scrotum is made, from there the urologist can see and cut the ductus deferens.
After, both sides of the duct are closed and the incision is sutured, the same process is done on the other side.

Candidates for this procedure

Any man can choose being sterilized through vasectomy, there is no limitation


After the procedure, minimal bruising can be presented and some discomfort during the first 3 days, but this will disappear without the need of treatment. Pain is different in every patient, which is why if your sensitivity is higher you can take over the counter pain medication. After a vasectomy surgery, you should rest and the 2 days after. Resuming work can be done after the third day. It is important to avoid lifting heavy objects, heavy physical work, vigorous workout and sports are recommended at least 1 week after surgery, because the scrotum is very movable and it needs down time to allow all the tissues and blood vessels to seal and recover.


20 to 30 minutes


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