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Back Lift (Torsoplasty) - US | Clinica de Cirugía Cosmética

Back Lift (Torsoplasty)

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Back Lift (Torsoplasty)

The upper body lift surgery is an alternative cosmetic procedure to massive weight loss, we could consider that this cosmetic surgery is a great option to modify and improve our figure, eliminating loose skin, lifting and sculpting required areas. It is a very safe, effective and popular cosmetic surgery to undergo after massive weight loss.


The upper body lifting cosmetic surgery varies according to patients and will depend on the specific anatomical needs and the desired aesthetic goals. Our cosmetic surgeons are extremely skilled in multiple techniques to optimize your contour.


The upper body lifting is performed more frequently as an ambulatory procedure, and it’s performed under regional anesthesia. If there are excess fat deposits in the area to be treated, a liposuction procedure will be required to optimize the patients contour. Our cosmetic surgeons commonly performed this as a step first, then the upper body lift procedure can adapt to your specific needs and goals.

Upper Body Lift includes procedures such as:

- Brachioplasty or Arm Lift: incisions in the arms are made from the armpit to the elbow and the excess fat and skin are removed. The underlying tissue is tighten and lifted then incisions are closed.

- Breast lift cosmetic surgery: incisions vary on the technique and the implant may or may not be used, this is always explained during consultation with your cosmetic surgeon.

- Torsoplasty or Back Lift: posterior part can be lifted and contoured to eliminate back fat and accomplish the wanted silhuette.

Candidates for this procedure

Healthy men and women that have undergone a massive weight lost and present excess skin. You must have realistic expectations, since these type of procedures leave scars, reason why it is very important to know what you want and that to expect with the procedure.


After the upper body lifting cosmetic surgery, swelling will present for several weeks. For the pain and swelling you can take medication prescribed by your cosmetic surgeon that will help reduce pain and prevent infection. Your cosmetic surgeon can recommend a specific diet plan and will give you complete indications to reduce any complication risk. The use of a medical compression garment is required for several weeks. Most patients take up to 6 weeks to recover before going back to normal activities and exercise.


2 to 5 hours


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