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Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck) - US | Clinica de Cirugía Cosmética

Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck)

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Age, excess skin, and fat in the belly area or abdomen, sagging, muffin top in the waist and back, big stretch marks, one or two pregnancies, great losses of weight in men or women are characteristics that are dealt with success using the tummy tuck surgery, reverting depression, insecurity and shame for those who suffer from it.


Basically, is cutting the excess skin, displace the muscles in the waist to the center and create a new belly button, different cuts are made in the abdomen area, the scar that stays after surgery is done right below the line of the underwear or bikini so it stays hidden or less visible. This way it corrects the sagging of the abdominal skin, allowing the patient to use tight or short clothes, without any signs of deformity or sagginess.


There are different techniques for abdominoplasty (traditional and avelar technique) that will be selected under the experience and ability of our cosmetic surgeons, same in which they base to choose what imperfection needs correcting in the patient. These are determined by de situation and direction the incision must be made. The methods can be combined depending in the sagging of the skin and the subcutaneous tissue, presence of scars and the specific finding of the accumulated fat, because of that that it is very important to be in the hand of certified and expert surgeons with great experience in this cosmetic surgery procedure.

Candidates for this procedure

In the case of women, the one that concluded the process of having kids. In general men and women that present, excess skin, stretch marks, previous scars, muscular sagging, and if it is a post-bariatric patient that suffered obesity.


Because tummy tuck and abdominoplasty cosmetic surgery are considered a mayor surgery, the patient must stay for at least one night in the clinic, under monitoring and medical care.


2-3 hours


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