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Penile Implant (Erectile Dysfunction)

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Penile Implant (Erectile Dysfunction)

When other treatments for impotence have not been effective, satisfactory or comfortable, men turn to the penile implant procedure. If the impotence is due to the diabetes, radiotherapy, prostate surgery or other physical cause, a surgical implant can help men recover their sexual capacity and have more control over their erections.


A penile implant is a device integrated to a man’s body designed to help you get erections.


A small incision can be done either under the head of the penis or between the penis and the scrotum. After deciding about the proper size of the implant, your urologist will place the components of the implant in the two chambers of the body of the penis that normally fill with blood during an erection.
If the implant or the needs of the patient require inserting another element, another incision is make in the abdomen in a way that the deposit can be placed in the base of the pelvis. If the incision was made between the penis and the scrotum, the pump can get through the scrotum thru this point.

Candidates for this procedure

Men that present erectile dysfunction (totally unable to get an erection) inconsistent capacity to get an erection, or a tendency of maintaining only brief erections.


Recovery period is of 4 to 8 weeks before the implant can be used. You will be able to drive generally after a week from surgery, but only if the individual is pain free without medication. During the first two weeks after the penile implant surgery, you should not carry heavy objects (more than 4.53 kilos [10 pounds]), and should not perform any physical activities that involve abdominal effort, like clamming stairs or bending down.


1-2 hours


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