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Outer Thighs

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Outer Thighs

It is very common that one of the biggest complaints of women is the excess of fat in the outer part of the thigh. Exercise and diet usually fail in the fat loss in this area because it is genetically predetermined. Nonetheless, with outer thigh liposuction cosmetic surgery you can accomplish a thinner and longer appearance, which give women confidence and a high self-esteem.


The outer thigh liposuction reduces the thigh circumference, softens and restores a natural proportion of the body, tightens the skin and offers a youthful appearance. Results are permanent, which is why you will never have to worry about saggy thighs.


The outer thighs liposuction cosmetic surgery normally requires sedation and local tumescent anesthesia. The deep fat is removed with cannulas of bigger diameter; the extraction of fat closer to the skin is removed with smaller cannulas. Outer thighs fat usually extends for under the buttocks in the area called banana roll (the bump in shape of a banana formed by fat in the upper part of the posterior thigh and immediately under the buttocks is commonly considered as an aesthetic defect) that is also treated to obtain better results.

Candidates for this procedure

Women that have high accumulation of fatty deposits in the exterior thighs. If you can pinch more than a quarter of an inch of fat in the thigh, then outer thigh liposuction is the best option to improve your contour through the elimination of fat. Men are generally not good candidates for this procedure because they usually do not accumulate fat around the muscles like women.


Little pain, swelling and discomfort may present, all of this can be controlled with medication prescribed by your cosmetic surgeon. Is very important the use of a compression garment to aid in the reshaping of the skin after liposuction. The garment must be used day and night as much as possible for at least 3 weeks after surgery. You can return to normal activities immediately.


1 to 2 hours


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