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Nipple Reduction

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Big, bulky or enlarged nipples might be a source of shame for women. The diameter and length of the nipple are mainly hereditary, nonetheless, it might increase after pregnancy or lactation. If this problem is related to the need for breast augmentation, saggy breast reduction or any other situation that requires surgery, the nipple reduction can be the necessary detail for the breast aesthetic to be optimal.


A nipple reduction cosmetic procedure will help you obtain a projection and/or correct big and bulky nipples according to the proportion and size of the breast. For men, a big nipple might be associated with feminine breast (gynecomastia)


When a nipple reduction is performed without combining it with other cosmetic procedures it is considered a minor surgical procedure, usually performed under local anesthesia. The nipple stays attached to the breast and the excess nipple is removed. Nipples can be in all sizes and shapes, for this reason your cosmetic surgeon will approach with you which technique is the best option to reduce your nipples, techniques can change depending if the nipple is too long, wide or both. Other techniques are used to reduce the nipple diameter.
Since the reduction of the length and the diameter of the nipple are complementary techniques, when the length and the wideness of the nipple are a problem, the techniques combine. The incisions are small and performed over the base of the nozzle where it is not visible. Fine sutures are used to form a smaller nipple.
The male nipple is destined to be smaller than the female nipple. When the male nipple is big, it can be a source of insecurity and concern. Fortunately the male nipple reduction is simpler than the female nipple reduction, due to the fact that this is a cosmetic procedure only there is no physiological function to preserve.
The same as the female nipple reduction, the male nipple reduction is a minor surgical procedure. It can be easily performed under local anesthesia. The specific techniques that the cosmetic surgeon dominates will allow a great reduction in the size of the nipple with minimal evidence of surgery.

Candidates for this procedure

Has a nipple that is not proportionate to the size of the breast, is bulky and without projection, very wide or too long even deformed.


It is an ambulatory procedure, no hospitalization is required. The first days after the nipple reduction surgery you might present some discomfort that can be diminished with the antibiotic that will be prescribed by the cosmetic surgeon. On the third day after the surgery you will be able to go back to your everyday work. Aerobic routines are recommended a month after the surgery and weight lifting after 2 or 3 months. A week after surgery you will have an appointment to come back for a checkup and stitches removal.


1 hour


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