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Mega Liposuction - US | Clinica de Cirugía Cosmética

Mega Liposuction

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Nowadays there are a lot of the cases of patients that present morbid obesity and wish to improve their physical and emotional quality of life, but resist to undergo a bariatric procedure. Nonetheless there are certified cosmetic surgeons that with experience and the goal to improve the quality of life of the patient, can offer the megaliposuction cosmetic surgery procedure as an option.


Megaliposuction cosmetic surgery is focused in the extraction of fat in different parts of the body that can bring rewarding results in patients; it is an excellent surgical alternative, obtaining a high level of satisfaction.


The megaliposuction is a safe cosmetic surgery procedure when performed with a team of expert cosmetic surgeons and in a clinic or hospital facilities to ensure the selection and care of the patient.
The megaliposuction is done under regional anesthesia providing more calm and tranquility in the patient. As the megaliposuction cosmetic surgery eliminates fat under the skin only, it does not damage any internal organs, there are no long term health risks. The cosmetic surgeon starts with the administration of a saline solution through injections, which are placed in the body areas where approximately from 4,000 to 10,000 cc of fat, will be removed. The saline solution has a compound that helps decrease the bleeding through the contraction of the blood vessels. The solution that is injected into the body could be less or equal to the amount of fat that is been removed according to the liposuction technique that the cosmetic surgeon performs. Small access points (2mm to 3 mm) are done in the folds of the skin; after this the fat liposuction starts using cannulas (fine tubes) through a controlled fluid process.

Candidates for this procedure

Patients are only considered good candidates if they have good health, the patients are required to undergo a total body evaluation by the cosmetic surgeon to identify if the procedure can be done, as well as which the technique and process is recommended for the surgery. In order to consider a patient for this procedure, they will have to undergo a thorough pre-operative evaluation that includes complete lab tests and an exam performed by a cardiologist for patients over 40.


The presence of bruises, swelling and pain are generally symptoms that present after this cosmetic surgery. These are temporary effects of megaliposuction surgery that disappear in a period of 3 to 4 weeks.


2-3 or 4 hours


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