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Male Pectoral Implants | Breast augmentation Bakersfield | Clinica de Cirugía Cosmética Integral

Male Pectoral Implants

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Male Pectoral Implants

If you have undeveloped pectorals and a well formed body, or simply do not have time or desire to spend hours in the gym, a pectoral implant cosmetic surgery can improve the shape, enhance and provide firmness to your pectoral muscles.


The pectoral implants are made of solid silicone. These implants design for men are harder than saline solution and silicone implants used in breast augmentation cosmetic surgery for women. Pectoral implants for men come in many shapes and sizes; they are designed to feel like natural chest muscles.


The pectoral implant cosmetic surgery can be performed with local anesthesia or IV sedation. The cosmetic surgeon makes an incision through the armpit, areola (the darker skin around the nipple) or under the chest to create a pocket under the main pectoral (the biggest of the two chest muscles); implant is inserted in this pocket and set in place with dissolvable suture. The cosmetic surgeon proceeds to close the incision with suture and covers the wound with bandages.

Candidates for this procedure

Men that are unhappy with their pectoral appearance, are in good health and have realistic expectations.
For patients that wish to increase the volume in an undeveloped chest area as a result of a birth defect, a lesion or for those who cannot reach the muscular toning aspect that they want through diet and exercise.


It is recommended to avoid driving for approximately 2 weeks, avoid raising the arms, to sleep or rest you should do it in any comfortable position except lying face down. Extreme exercise or routines and lifting objects must be avoided during a period of 4 to 6 weeks, it is required to use an upper support girdle for the first 2 months and this must be used day and night. Alcohol and aspirins must be avoided during the first 3 weeks after the procedure, you should not be expose to sun or tanning beds during 2 months after surgery. The presence of bruising generally disappears in 10 to 14 days. Swelling can last up to 6 weeks and any manipulation of the pectorals must be very soft.


2 hours


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