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Lip lift cosmetic surgery | Lip augmentation Denver & Las Vegas

Lip lift

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As we grow old, our upper lip starts to drop, we can identify this in older people when they talk, their upper teeth are not visible anymore just the lower ones. For this reason the lip lift surgery is the solution; all patients that have this cosmetic surgery have an extremely high satisfaction rate.


The lip lift cosmetic surgery is a procedure that is being performed on a regular basis, in middle age patients that are looking to get a younger and fresher look. Some people feel like the space between their upper lip and the nose is too long and require a cosmetic surgery with the purpose of restoring youth, balance and harmony to the face.


The lip lift cosmetic surgery is performed under local anesthesia and it is an ambulatory procedure. The cosmetic surgeon makes an incision located just under the nose, a small strip of skin and tissue are removed. The lip is lifted to a new position exposing approximately 1/8¨ of the upper teeth. In necessary cases, dermal filing, fat or collagen can be injected in the lips to give them a fuller, more sensual a youthful look.

Candidates for this procedure

- When the injectable fillers do not offer the results patient is looking for anymore.

- When the patient is looking for a permanent result.


The patient may present swelling and bruising that can be relieved with analgesics prescribed by the cosmetic surgeon. Most patients return to full activity around a week after surgery.


30 minutes to 1 hour


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