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Lip Augmentation

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The tendency to have fleshy and sensual lips has become more popular in the past few years, it is a sign of youth, sensuality and vitality. The lip augmentation cosmetic surgery can be an excellent solution with natural results that harmonize with the facial characteristics of the patient.


The loss of volume in the lips can be caused by the natural aging process or many other reasons. Lip augmentation is indicated for fine and/or sunken lips that can make a person look older. The technique can also be used to treat wrinkles and the fine lines over the upper lip.


The lip augmentation can be performed with the following methods that are done by our cosmetic surgeons:

- Fat grafting

A small amount of fat is extracted from the abdomen, buttocks or any other part of the body; fat cells are separated with specialized equipment. After this, the cosmetic surgeon proceeds to inject the fat cells in the lips.

- Fillers

This technique is used when our patient desires fullness in their lips, using different types of fillers (Restylane or juviderm). The filler will offer natural volume in the lips and at the same time it will help smooth wrinkles. For lip augmentation, small amounts of gel (restylane or other fillers) are injected in one or both lips. To achieve a natural appearance, the filler will be in balance with the lip and nose. A combination of techniques by our cosmetic surgeons is used to accomplish a better appearance. Restylane and other fillers can last for around a year to soften the wrinkles and approximately six months for the lip augmentation.

- Implants

PermaLip implants are a great option, because it is very soft, a lip implant with the most natural appearance. The procedure is very simple, it is performed under local anesthesia. The PermaLip implant is placed the dry and mucous membrane of the lip. Implants come in 3 different sizes depending on the results patient wants to achieve.

Candidates for this procedure

- Men and women of any age can be good candidates for lip augmentation.

- Patients with naturally fine lips or a decrease of volume of the lips related with the age.

- Being in good health and having reasonable expectations about the result that can be accomplished.

Your cosmetic surgeon during the consultation will show before and after pictures of other patients to demonstrate lip augmentation results with fillers, fat transfer, implants and the results with lip lift.


Some redness and swelling can appear around the area of the lips after the procedure. Depending on the technique used by the cosmetic surgeon, recovery can take a day or even two weeks. Maintaining an elevated head elevated will help the blood flow and reduce swelling.

If you feel the need to take an inflammatory, these could be prescribed by your cosmetic surgeon to ease the pain. Avoid aspirins as analgesics because they can dilute blood, incrementing the risk of bleeding or hematomas. Eat soft foods since they do not require much chewing and less prone to contribute to pain and swelling.

Abstain from exercising during the first week after the procedure because intense activity can cause trauma in the lips area.

Abstain from consuming alcohol for at least a week after the procedure. Alcohol is a natural anticoagulant and can affect your recovery.


30 minutes to 1 hour


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