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Jaw Line

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Jaw Line

The loss of definition in the jowl is generally considered as one of the first signs of aging. Fortunately, this facial area can be treated with a lot of success using implants or certified dermal fillers endorsed by health authorities and applied by a certified cosmetic surgeon.


The jowl augmentation cosmetic surgery can reestablish facial harmony. Bone structure is one of the most powerful elements of attraction. The jowl line, in particular, is an exceptional area of the facial profile and contour, a well proportion jowl attracts facial balance.


The cosmetic surgeon can choose to perform a jowl augmentation with an implant (silicone). After the incision is made, the cosmetic surgeon will place the implants over the mandible bone. During the procedure, neck or chin liposuction can also be performed to maximize the results.

Candidates for this procedure

The ideal patient for a jowl augmentation cosmetic surgery is an adult 18 years or over, that wants so improve their self-confidence and self-esteem enhancing their facial beauty, balance, symmetry and/or proportion.


Surgical tape will be placed in the implant area, for a period of 4 to 7 days to avoid the excessive movement. Stitches inside the mouth will dissolve in a week. If the jowl augmentation is combined with neck and chin liposuction, the sutures of the small external incision placed in the fold under the chin are removed 5 to 7 days after surgery.

Temporarily side effects of the jowl implants can be swelling, bruising and pain/stiffness of the jowl, which will dissipate in a couple days to a week, this can be controlled with medication prescribed by the cosmetic surgeon. It is recommended to keep your head elevated for a better circulation and avoid pain.

With time, the jowl implant will feel as a normal part of you, it will look natural permanently.


1 - 1:30 hours


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