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Gastric Balloon

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Gastric Balloon

The gastric balloon is a procedure tested to reduce hunger in a safe and effective way to achieve weight loss through the reduction of the space inside the stomach so you feel full after a smaller amount of food that the one you are used to.


With the gastric balloon you can expect to loose from 20 to 40 lbs. in the first 6 months and with a continuous compromise the weight loss can be bigger.


The gastric balloon is inserted through the mouth (endoscopically) a completely nonsurgical procedure, after this the balloon is inflated with saline solution when it reaches the stomach. This fills the stomach so you can feel full and require less food intake to feel satisfied. It is a temporary measure and is generally removed after six months.

Candidates for this procedure

It is ideal for men and women with little weight to lose that are overweight but not obese (BMI 28-30) and want a trustworthy procedure to lose weight, with an specific objective in mind, like before a special event like a wedding or after pregnancy.


You can have some side effects at the beginning like cramps, nausea, abdominal and stomach distension, but these are relived easily with the correct medication and also your bariatric surgeon will give you precise indications. Normally, you will be on a liquid diet during a week after the gastric balloon surgery. Our nutritionist will give you advice on what to eat and when.


30 minutes


The testimonials are meant to be a showcase of the best results, customers may not reflect the typical purchaser’s experience and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same results.

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