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Facial Fat Grafting - US | Clinica de Cirugía Cosmética

Facial Fat Grafting

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As we grow older, facial tissue the skin and facial muscles begin to present sagginess, starting with the loss of volume and the first bumps start to present, factors that can be reverted with the fat grafting or transfer, to restore the facial contouring lost from youth.


The fat grafting or transfer is a cosmetic procedure, that if combined with a waist liposuction, abdomen or back, extra fat is suctioned and transferred to any area in the face that represent a lack of volume or definition.


The fat grafting or facial fat transfer procedure is ambulatory and it starts by removing the fat from the area in the body where there is too much (abdomen, waist, hips, back, arms, etc.) once removed, the fat is processed or filtered to eliminate the excess of fluid and it is transferred in its original form. The fat is injected trough small incisions in the receptive area. (Lips, forehead, checks, or face in general).

The fat transfer frequently combines with liposuction and abdominoplasty.

Candidates for this procedure

- People that present expression lines, forehead lines, puppet lines ( that go all the way from the sides of the mouth and descend to the chin).

- Wrinkles, grooves, and holes in the face ( like under the eyes or the check bone) .

- Loss of volume in the lips.

- Scars in the face (like the ones produced by acne).

- Facial bumps (in the cheeks mainly or in the mouth lines).


Due to the fact that it is a procedure done with local anesthesia and very little invasive, it is probable to have some pain and fatigue for a few days after the cosmetic procedure of fat grafting. But after a day or two you will be able to rise and start with labors that require little effort. The surgical area might stay swollen and sensible for a few weeks.


1 - 2 hours


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