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Face Lift (Mini)

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It's time to invest in your appearance!

If your face looks tired and have a sad look, but it is not how you physically feel, you do not have the budget or do not want a traditional facelift, then a Mini Facelift cosmetic surgery might be the perfect solution, in addition it offers advantaged like less inactivity time.

The Mini Facelift cosmetic procedure has become a very popular option for patients that wish a younger aspect, but have little off time from work or other normal activities.


A Mini Facelift is a cosmetic procedure that focusses on the problem areas of the face where the light to moderate signs of aging are present.

The mini facelift is not a cosmetic surgery for those who are looking for a spectacular results, but for those who wish for a subtle change and a fresh look.


The mini facelift can be performed under local anesthesia, minor sedation or regional anesthesia and shorter incisions, that help in a quicker recovery; shorter incisions mean that manipulations performed during the mini facelift procedure are less invasive than those performed during the traditional facelift procedure. Which is why the face is only lightly pulled, the skin incisions are relatively minor. The result is a very natural and youthful appearance.

This procedure is designed to rejuvenate the upper neck area, nasolabial folds, and jowl and correct the double chin. Once the factors that contribute with sagginess are removed, the cosmetic surgeon repositions very carefully the skin with small sutures.

Candidates for this procedure

Due to its nature, the Mini Facelift is more appropriate for younger patients. For patients that notice unwanted aging signs in their 30´s. Genetics, an unhealthy life style and stress can cause early aging that can be reverted with a Mini Facelift cosmetic procedure.


Most of our patients that undergo the Mini Facelift procedure in Clinica de Cirugia Cosmetica can return to light duty activities and work within a week and the activities that require more physical effort like exercise can be resume after two weeks. During the recovery time, most of the patients do not experience significant pain or discomfort. If patient has any unpleasant sensation, it can be managed with appropriate analgesics prescribed by the cosmetic surgeon.


2 - 3 hours


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