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Earlobe Repair

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Earlobe Repair

The ears like the nose and other facial features are the most visible parts of the body and frequently can require an improvement through a cosmetic surgery procedure, in the case of the ears there are procedures to improve them like: otoplasty and lobe repair.


Some people simply wish to have the actual piercings in the ear closed, due to the fact that they are tired or out of place and wish to redo the piercing in a different location. While others might want to change the shape of the ear, this can be done through an ear lobe repair cosmetic procedure. The procedure is quick, safe, practically without pain and does not require any inactivity time.


It is an ambulatory procedure, the cosmetic surgeon will start through the administration of a local anesthetic for the treated area. This will numb the ears during the procedure. Incisions will be made across the interior tract of the ear to create new borders. The excess skin or scar tissues are cut. The new borders of the ear lobe are sutured with fine points. The scar will be minimal.

Candidates for this procedure

Patients that present scaring, damage and elongated ears; patients that wish to minimize the appearance of keloid scars or that have benign scars that sometimes form in the borders of an open piercing.


The patients go home immediately after the procedure with bandages in the incisions. The sutures remove one or two weeks after the lobe repair procedure. The scaring generally takes from 4 to 6 weeks. The lobes might be re-pierced after 8 to 10 weeks.


30 to 45 minutes


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