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Circular Abdominoplasty - US | Clinica de Cirugía Cosmética

Circular Abdominoplasty

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Men and women that have lost a considerably amount of weight and have excess skin in the abdomen section and other parts of the lower body or due to the natural aging process, have a good option in the lower body lifting cosmetic surgery.


The lower body lift is a surgical procedure that can be performed in combination with other cosmetic surgeries, depending on the specific needs of the patient. A lower body lifting may include an abdominoplasty, a thigh lifting, buttocks lift and liposuction all focused to eliminate saggy skin and excess fat located in the inferior part of the body, as well as tensing the abdominal muscles.


During the lower body lifting cosmetic surgery, incisions are made around the body in a circular pattern just over the pubic area in the frontal part and in the lower back above the buttocks also other incisions are placed in the inner thighs. The abdominal tissue is separated from the abdominal wall muscles, these are stretched down and excess skin is eliminated and the resting skin is sutured in its place, this same process to eliminate the saggy skin is performed in the thighs and buttocks in a similar way.

Candidates for this procedure

The best candidates for a lower body lifting are men and woman that have good physical and mental health.
Being informed about treatment options, scars that are left and having realistic expectations.


After a lower body lift surgery, most of the patients remain in the clinic during 1 night. During your stay, you will be given pain medication, antibiotics and other medication prescribed by your cosmetic surgeon. A significant amount of swelling and bruising will be presented. The swelling can persist up to 3 months. The use of a compression garment is required to help the skin adhere to the subjacent tissue. A surgical drain can be used to eliminate the excess liquid that accumulates in the incisions area for a few days.
It is very important to rest for the first few days after being release from the clinic. Most of the patients can renew normal activities and go back to work 4 to 6 weeks after the lower body lifting. Your cosmetic surgeon may recommend to start walking during the first week to avoid blood clot formation in the legs. Exercise routine must be performed 6 weeks after the surgery.


2-5 hours


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