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Chin implant

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Chin implant

In modern time men and women are searching ways to make the facial features more attractive, adding volume and projection like a chin implant, it´s change can generate great benefits to the patient giving a natural and rejuvenated face.


The benefits of going ahead with the chin implant surgery, is to enhance a chin with balance, obtain symmetry between the chin and other facial features like the mouth, eyes, nose and ears improving the patient’s self-esteem.


This cosmetic surgery can be done under general anesthesia or IV sedation. The cosmetic surgeon creates an incision under the chin to insert the implant in the size and shape wanted, a cavity is created in front of the chin´s bone and under the muscles; the silicone implant is placed there. Once the implant is placed the cosmetic surgeon attaches the implant to the bone and closes with sutures. Finale tape is placed in the chin to minimize the inflammation.

Candidates for this procedure

The best candidates for a chain implant cosmetic procedure are men and women with a small chin compared to the rest of the face.


Pain and discomfort may present itself but it is easily controlled with medication that will be prescribed by the cosmetic surgeon. You may feel numbness in the chin area up to 3 months after surgery and a stretching feeling with little stings around the chin for approximately 1 week. Most of the swelling will be gone around the 6th week. It is possible that a liquid diet is required for one or two days. Bandages are removed a week after the cosmetic surgery. You will be able to go back to simple activities the same day of the procedure and back to normal activities approximately a week after surgery.


30 minutes and 1 hour


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