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Calf Implant

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Calf Implant

Men and women feel ashamed and have a lack of self-confidence when their legs are too skinny and do not have calf development. Low self-esteem is presented when someone wants to use shorts or skirts in the case of women but don’t do it for shame and because they feel their legs are not proportionate, this can change with a calf implant cosmetic surgery, it is a safe, permanent and nobody will know you had it, it’s a natural result.


The calf implant cosmetic surgery is ideal for men and women who have a regular exercise routine and have develop great thighs with disproportionate slim lower legs; with calf implants women will have a more natural and subtle leg contour and men will achieve a more masculine calf.


In a calf implant cosmetic procedure, the cosmetic surgeon places a custom size soft silicone implant under the muscle of the calf to give your leg a more proportionate appearance. Placing the implant under muscle offers as a result an impossible to detect surgery. It simply looks like you have naturally big and firm calves.

Candidates for this procedure

Men and women that after several attempts in the gym are not able to develop the calf muscle.


The first twenty four hours after surgery you should be mostly on total bed rest with less movement as possible. After a couple of days you will be able to walk, your legs will be getting used to the implants. Exactly how much time you need to resume work activities will depend of your work and your life style. If your work implicates little physical activity, like an office job, it is possible to go back in a week; however, if your work requires hard physical effort, it is possible that you might have to wait two weeks. The total and complete recovery, including the scar fading, can take up to 6 months.


1 - 2 hours


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