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Breast Reduction - US | Clinica de Cirugía Cosmética

Breast Reduction

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The breast undergoes changes for many reasons like genetics, aging, pregnancy, lactating, gaining/losing weight and hormonal changes. All of these factors can change the size and shape of the breast. These changes may cause depression, making women feel low self-stem, not too feminine or with a youthful attitude.


Breast reduction is a cosmetic surgery procedure in which the breast is lifted, making it smaller. Patients who decide on these types of surgery commonly do it to relieve pain symptoms in neck, back, chest and other medical problems caused by big breast.


The procedure is done under regional anesthesia. The excess skin and extra mammary gland are removed. The nipple stays attached to the mammary tissues and moved to a new position so it matches the new smaller shape of the breast. Although the scar is large, it is done under the lower section of the breast, and it is not visible. The scars generally disappear with time, making the incisions lighter and thinner.

Candidates for this procedure

Women with the following symptoms:
• Pain in neck, lower and upper back and shoulders
• Bra stripes marks in the shoulders
• Difficulty to exercise and wear certain clothes.


A breast reduction might be considered an ambulatory procedure or with an overnight stay in the clinic. Patients regularly have discomfort that can be controlled and lowered with medication prescribed by the cosmetic surgeon. Patients are able to back to work two weeks after surgery, assuming that work does not require physical activity. You will be asked to wear a special bra during postop recovery, exercise can be renewed after two weeks, but patients are informed that a complete recovery takes about six to eight weeks.


2-4 hours


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