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Breast Lift

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Breast Lift

The breast lift cosmetic procedure gives as a result, a rejuvenation of the figure by restoring the shape and breast firmness. In the breast lift cosmetic procedure the breast are lifted and the nipples relocated, and the areolas can also be reduced.


The breast lift cosmetic procedure, lifts and/or reduces the breast trough the removal of skin (lift) and the excess of mammary tissue (reduction), improving the shape and breast position.


The breast lift can be performed under local or regional anesthesia. The number and length of the incisions for this surgery are determined by the extent of the desired lift.

There are 3 different types of incision for a breast lift procedure.

Around the areola extending the incision up to correct the nipple position.

Incision that goes from the nipple and travels vertically down until it reaches the lower part of the Breast (also known as lollipop incision).

In the lower part of the breast just above the fold that is under the breast (also known as anchor incision).

During this procedure the excess skin is removed, the areola and the nipple are relocated on a higher part of the breast, at the same time the mammary tissue is elevated and molded to improve the contouring and firmness of the breast.

Candidates for this procedure

Healthy, emotionally stable and does not present any pre-existing medical condition.

If you feel your breast have dropped or are not comfortable using certain clothes and bathing suites.

The nipples point down.

The breasts have lost their shape and firmness due to weight loss or lactation.

Are not pregnant or breastfeeding.


The surgery is done under sedation and local anesthesia, which is why it is necessary that someone accompanies you home after the surgery and the first few days after. Patients after surgery usually feel pain, rigid and tired. This might last a few days. The medication prescribed by the cosmetic surgeon will help relieve any pain or discomfort that patient may present.

A few days after breast lift surgery, the bandages applied are removed, most of the time it is required for the patients to use a support bra or compression bandages to help support and position the breast. The chest will feel tight due to the swelling while the skin is adapting to the new shape of the breast. The swelling will minimize in a few weeks.

Lifting heavy objects is not recommended for a few weeks. Most of the patients return to regular activities within the first two weeks unless their work requires heavy lifting or aerobically activities.


2 - 4 hours


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