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Buttocks Augmentation with Implants

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Buttocks Augmentation with Implants

Buttock augmentation, is an increasingly popular cosmetic procedure that improves the toning and contouring of the buttocks and hips. As a result of tightening and raising the skin across the buttocks, one’s buttocks will appear much younger and less wrinkled or saggy.


Solid implant (which cannot leak) can be placed under (sub-muscular), inside (intramuscular) or over the muscles (Subfascial) on the buttocks. The size on the implant will depending on your body shape and desired fullness


The implants are inserted through a two – to tree- inch incision hidden in the crease of the buttocks. Intra/submuscular placement is most commonly used for adding fullness to the upper portion of the buttocks but cannot be used to add volume to the lower portion. Through this incision the buttock muscle is lifted up and a pocket is made just large enough for the implant. The implant is inserted into its pocket. The opposite side is then completed. Both sides are carefully examined in order to assure that the results look natural and symmetric. Dissolvable stitches placed in the skin incision. A bandage is placed that provides compression to the buttocks which in turn helps reduce discomfort and swelling.

Candidates for this procedure

Women who don’t have enough fat to transfer and want extra fullness in the upper portion of the buttocks


The recovery period in other common cosmetic surgery procedures is shorter compared to recovery of buttocks implant, the time is usually longer. Expect discomfort for the first few days after the cosmetic procedure. Although activity may be restricted, it is difficult to turn in any position to get comfortable and it is important that someone be with the person at least overnight and probably for the next several days just to help get out of bed, prepare meals, etc.


1-2 hours


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