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Arm Lift (Brachioplasty)

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Saggy arms are commonly a complaint and cause of shame in women. The main reason people develop this type of sagginess is usually due to hereditary factors, massive weight loss or aging. Patients with a lot of saggy skin in the arms continuously has difficulty to wear certain kind of clothing and even arm movement limitation or rashes by the touch of clothes and the skin, for all this cases, a brachioplasty cosmetic surgery can help restore the ability of a person and wear sleeveless shirts and t-shirts with confidence and to show their arms without feeling ashamed.


Arm lifting cosmetic surgery also known as brachioplasty, helps patients get rid of saggy skin that forms in the upper part of the arm from the elbow to the shoulder.


Our cosmetic surgeons’ team based on the excess skin patient presents, can offer two different types of arm lifts or brachioplasty.
• Minimal incision arm lift: the cosmetic surgeon will make a small incision near the armpit if the patient does not have a lot of sagginess in the skin and proceeds to perform a liposuction to eliminate the excess fat.
• Regular brachioplasty or arm lift: for patients that have lost great amounts of weight or have more excess skin for other reasons, the cosmetic surgeon will recommend a regular brachioplasty, making a longer incision, which extends from the elbow to the armpit. In this procedure, the cosmetic surgeon does not only perform liposuction, but also tenses the skin to eliminate the excess skin.
The most important consideration for any patient that wants to have a brachioplasty cosmetic surgery is taking in count the resulting scars, since you will have a permanent scar that extends from the armpit to the elbow, that might be visible with short sleeves clothing.

Candidates for this procedure

For adult patients that are struggling with the laxity of the upper arm skin (loss of elasticity in the skin) in great amounts, at a stable weight and healthy life style, is a non-smoker and does not have any medical conditions that can prevent an optimal recovery for your cosmetic surgery. One of the more important factors that affect your surgical experience is to ensure that you have realistic expectations.


The arm lift cosmetic surgery is an ambulatory procedure, you will be able to go home the same day. During the first few days after surgery you will have swelling and bruising, but these will disappear with time. Swelling should disappear in a couple of weeks. You will have to use a compression garment during a few days for the skin to adhere the underlying tissue. You will also have medication prescribed to control pain and a following appointment to remove the stiches. Your cosmetic surgeon will inform you what to expect during your recovery, including when you can go back to exercise and work after your procedure.


1 to 2 hours


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