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Nowadays a lot of people suffer from fat accumulation on the abdomen or belly. This accumulation can be hereditary or acquired due to the excess weight or after pregnancy in the case of women. People try to revert this with diet and exercise, however men and women regardless of the effort are not able the loose the unwanted fat; for them an abdomen liposuction can be the solution to get rid of the unwanted fat in the belly and achieve a new and balanced figure.


Abdominal liposuction surgery is feasible for both men or women, both are benefited because moderate amounts of fat can be removed, patients see a more defined waist and a smaller abdominal circumference. Men can recover definition; giving them the six-pack abs they have always wanted. Women can achieve that flat belly, from their youth, even after pregnancies. Thin women can accomplish a perfect belly. With the tumescent liposuction, recovery time is fast and after surgery the amount of hematomas and pain are minimal.


During liposuction a fluid that contains saline solution and adrenaline is injected in the fat deposit area, which helps break easily the fat tissue and reduce bleeding in the treated surgical area. The cosmetic surgeon makes a small incision in the skin just under the belly button or in the bikini area, a cannula is introduced and inserted in the fat deposits located under the abdominal skin. This tube or cannula is used to break the fat deposits in the belly and eliminate them through a pump of great reach. The cosmetic surgeon removes the unwanted fat and sculpts the abdomen area. A small incision is sutured and tends to be almost invisible.

Candidates for this procedure

Being in good physical and psychological health, with the goal of accomplishing better results, patients must also have a normal weight, have firm and elastic skin.
Patient’s age is not a condition, nonetheless younger patients’ tent to experiment more significant results after the abdominal liposuction surgery than older patients due to skin elasticity. Diseases or additional conditions such as diabetes, cardiac or pulmonary problems, can add a bigger risk for these types of cosmetic procedures.


Because abdominal liposuction cosmetic surgery is invasive, swelling, bruising and pain can be evident after the cosmetic procedure, these symptoms usually last from 3 to 6 weeks, but swelling might be present during half a year. Incisions scars are probable to be visible during some time, nonetheless liposuction surgery does not present any contusion at all. During the first 48 hours bed rest will be necessary, you can resume daily activities the second week after surgery. During the first weeks you will be asked to use a compression garment to help the body take the new figure faster, post-surgical massages are also recommended to reduce swelling and adjust the skin to your new state in a minor period of time.


1 to 2 hours


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