Policy CCCI

Payment Policy

The surgery or procedure, surgeon’s fees and all of the expenses that the surgery involves such as implants, have to be paid in full prior to surgery.
Payment methods: cash, cashier’s check and credit card Visa and/or Master Card.***
***CCCI does not charge any additional fees with any payment method, although credit card payments could have a fee from the bank for the operation, CCCI is not responsible for these additional charges.

Deposit Policy

During the information process with our patient coordinators, you will received an estimate that includes surgeon’s fees, surgical fees and other fees such as garments and medication. When scheduling a specific date for your surgery, we will require a $100.00 USD deposit to confirm your place in our surgery schedule and surgical planning of our surgeons.
In the procedure you want to have is part of our official special offers calendar http://clinicadecirugiacosmetica.com/promotions but cannot schedule your surgery during the special offer period and want us to honor the special price, then payment will have to be made in full during the month special, regardless of your actual surgery date.

Reimbursement Policy

Clinica de Cirugia Cosmetica has a reimbursement policy for surgeries or procedures not performed due to a patient’s own decision.
Bank Wire Transfer Reimbursement
When surgery payment is receive in advanced by credit card, the reimbursement will be thru a bank wire transfer, which could take up to 10 days starting when all of the required information is receive by our Finance Department in CCCI. Please consider that all of the following information is required without exception:
– Bank’s name
– Bank’s address
– Cardholder’s full name
– Patient/Cardholder’s address: including zip code and phone number with area code
– ABA or Swift Number
– Account Number
– Routing Number
There is a reimbursement fee from the financial institution, which varies depending of the receiving bank.
Every operation performed by CCCI to the beneficiary’s bank (patient) that cannot be complete due to incorrect information or account restrictions, will result in delay of reimbursement and additional fees.
Cash reimbursement
When surgery payment is receive in cash, reimbursement will be made in cash in a period of 1 to 2 days.

Cancellation policy – Surgery

Once a patient decides to have surgery on a specified date, we will collect $100Dlls to reserve that specific scheduled date. This will be deducted from the total cost of the surgery.
Patients may reschedule their date of surgery, before 72 hours of surgery. In the event that a patient cancels less than 24 hours before the scheduled surgery, or not show to surgery, the office will retain the $100Dlls for administrative fees.

Cancellation - Medical Reason Policy

If the surgery is cancelled the day of the surgery by the surgeons or by Clinica de Cirugia Cosmetica due to medical reasons or risk concerns, the patient is still responsible for the payment of the medication or studies.

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