Loyalty Program

What is this program?

You will be so satisfied with our services that you will want to tell all your friends and family about how happy you are.

We would like to reward your preference, with our Loyalty Program. In which you can earn points by referring others who are interested in receiving our services.

How can you start enjoying this benefits?

Enroll to the program!

You can ask for your enrollment form at our front desk or online, writing to patientcare@clinicadecirugiacosmetica.com
Once you have enrolled, each new patient that schedules their surgery needs to mention your name and last name as the person who referred them with us. This step is really important, since once the procedure is scheduled it may not be corrected afterwards.

Each procedure has a value in points, for example: tummy tuck $ 3,550 USD, which is 3,550 points.

If you would like to know how many points you need for a surgery, you can multiply the value of the surgery by 10.

When you wish to schedule a surgery, contact us at CCCI, and ask the value of the procedure in which you are interested and ask for the balance.

When you have accumulated enough points to schedule the surgery, just let us know you want to use your points. Additional you may need to pay a deductible fee. The deductible fee depends on the type of procedure.

The used points will be taken down from your record once your procedure is done.


May not be combined with other promotions or special prices, only applies with the Loyalty Program's Price List.

Cannot be applied towards medication, cream and girdles.

Applies only to cosmetic surgeries performed by CCCI Surgical Team (No Botox, Restylane, nor Gastric Band).
Points are NOT transferable.

*Some restrictions apply.

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